Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Join the Festivities!


No, I wasn't able to take part of the real Oktoberfest in Munich, which, by the way, is unfortunately over. It was held from 17th of September and lasted until 3rd of October, 2005. Yes, it only takes place 17 days every year. But visiting the wonderful place of Hahndorf in Australia gave me a taste of what beer drinking is all about! And the festivities at the Hahndorf Inn will last til the end of the month!

Hahndorf is a German village in Adelaide Hills, Australia that offers a varied means to entertain any tourist or local. It was established as a farming village way back in 1839 by Lutheran refugees from East Prussia, this place has a long history that is worth discovering.

Can you see the *still full* mug I'm holding? It's a 300ml Hofbrau Original. It has been described as "A Munich Beer with character" and I agree! After having tasted Stella Artois, a Belgian Beer, which is one of the best beers I've tasted, this German beer has now been added to my list! And yea, the mug didn't stay full long... to the utter dismay of my envious brother-in-law. I felt a tad bit sorry for him beacuse he wasn't able to order one... he was driving, you see.

The man playing the Accordion was doing his rounds around the resto, creating a festive atmosphere by his playing and singing of German Beer songs and even encourages the patrons to sing along. With his busy schedule of singing, playing his instrument and table-hopping, I grabbed the opportunity for a photo-op. It was too cool to pass up. I know, I know... it's such a tourist-y thing to do. Well, I don't care! I love this photo!

This is one of the best things to do when you do find the time to go out. A cool place, great beer and good company equates to a *fan*tastic time! Cheers, mate!

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