Friday, 30 March 2007

Badminton Nights

It's always a good thing to take time out and spend some time caring for your body. Most people find it cumbersome to get into an exercise regime simply because it's too boring. Next best thing is to involve oneself in a sport --- this means you get to mingle with other players, you see --- and one of the more popular ones in the Philippines is Badminton.

You may find me blogging about the Olympic Games and world sporting events but I'm no sports nut. I like them well enough but I've been so out of it that I can't bring myself to pick up a racket. BUT I definitely can't resist a game of Basketball. Weird, eh? I guess I prefer contact sports. Hehehe. (In photo: Abe Olandres of Yugatech)

Which brings me to what I do when my blogger friends and I do go out on one of those badminton nights. I take photos just so not to get bored by simply watching them play. Hehe. I guess, I may not be stretching any of my muscles but I am stretching my photography skills!

This is a win-win set up, wouldn't you agree?

Photos (c) 2007 Sasha Manuel