Friday, 28 October 2005

Coffee Dates

No, I'm not endorsing any coffee brand. It just so happens that this is one photo I took that relates to the topic at hand. [Is it just me or did I just do a rhyme?]

Well, this is one thing that most people do when nothing's left to do. That is to have coffee somewhere. Either with friends, family or a current partner [whatever that means!]. What is it about coffee that draws people to drink it? And I mean, real coffee drinkers alright?

I like Starbuck's enough but I'm in search of a less commercialised coffee because theirs has become too sweet for my taste buds. I especially liked one cafe I chanced upon along The Parade, Norwood, South Australia. It's called Monjava Cafe, Bar and Resto. I decided to have a Cafe Latte while I wait for the movie to start over at HOYTS Cinema.

It's not really that people go to cafes because of lack of a better idea, I genuinely believe that there are people who do patronise this drink like the English do with their tea. I read something interesting on this site about Coffee History. But who bloody cares, right? Well, I do and I just wanted to share that piece of information.

I don't mind drinking coffee somewhere on my own or with someone. The important thing is that I feel good about what I'm doing. What about you?

Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Getting a Tan

It's still the middle of spring in the land down under but there are days that offer great opportunities for numerous activities under the sun. You simply couldn't just stay indoors and not grab this chance to get that tan in time for summer!

Yea, it is one of the best things I love to do. I know my skin is already dark, so some might say, "Do you really need a tan?" Well, I love the color of my skin right after a good tanning session on the beach, it has a rosy tinge, which is so lovely.

Well, where do people usually go to get a tan? If you're near a pool, or if you own a pool, I'm sure that you'd be lounging on the chaise soaking up the rays after splashing some of that tanning lotion. For some, it's gardening. Taking time to do some weeding, cultivating the soil, or planting a new flower, under the sun, will certainly leave you with a darker skin. Of course, playing an outdoor sport will definitely give you that chance to get some tan. Just make sure not to forget to put some sunscreen, too.

As for me, my favorite place to get a tan is on the beach! Memories of those times spent on the beaches of the Philippines, makes me long to be there right now. I love the smell of the salty wind and the feel of the soft powder-y sand between my toes. Taking a little dip in the warm waters, then I'd lay on the sarong I brought with me, put on some tanning oil then just close my eyes behind a pair of sunnies and listen to the crashing of waves on the beach.

What a way to relax!

photo details:
model. sasha
photographer. raissa
location. Snake Island, Palawan, Philippines
(c)June 2005

Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Join the Festivities!


No, I wasn't able to take part of the real Oktoberfest in Munich, which, by the way, is unfortunately over. It was held from 17th of September and lasted until 3rd of October, 2005. Yes, it only takes place 17 days every year. But visiting the wonderful place of Hahndorf in Australia gave me a taste of what beer drinking is all about! And the festivities at the Hahndorf Inn will last til the end of the month!

Hahndorf is a German village in Adelaide Hills, Australia that offers a varied means to entertain any tourist or local. It was established as a farming village way back in 1839 by Lutheran refugees from East Prussia, this place has a long history that is worth discovering.

Can you see the *still full* mug I'm holding? It's a 300ml Hofbrau Original. It has been described as "A Munich Beer with character" and I agree! After having tasted Stella Artois, a Belgian Beer, which is one of the best beers I've tasted, this German beer has now been added to my list! And yea, the mug didn't stay full long... to the utter dismay of my envious brother-in-law. I felt a tad bit sorry for him beacuse he wasn't able to order one... he was driving, you see.

The man playing the Accordion was doing his rounds around the resto, creating a festive atmosphere by his playing and singing of German Beer songs and even encourages the patrons to sing along. With his busy schedule of singing, playing his instrument and table-hopping, I grabbed the opportunity for a photo-op. It was too cool to pass up. I know, I know... it's such a tourist-y thing to do. Well, I don't care! I love this photo!

This is one of the best things to do when you do find the time to go out. A cool place, great beer and good company equates to a *fan*tastic time! Cheers, mate!

Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Loving the Outdoors

You fancy a walk around the park? Perhaps, feeding the ducks by the lake. The feel of the fresh air and the sun bronzing your skin lures you out of the house.

I took a walk around Mawson Lakes yesterday and everything still seems so unreal. I like the outdoors... especially when the kind of scenery that faces me is the kind that I don't normally see everyday when I was still in Manila, Philippines. I know that everything seems so new and different but that's the beauty of my experience here in Australia. I realise that I am a foreigner still. And
I'm on the path of discovering places different from where I grew up.

Over Labour Day Weekend, I had the pleasure of spending some time visiting the south of Adelaide, Port Noarlunga for some beach time and McLaren Valefor some wine tasting with my sister, Shai, brother-in-law, Jeremy and my nephew, Cameron. It was fun! I love the beach but I have yet to gather some courage to take a dip in the cold waters of Australia. I enjoyed watching the waves crash on the beach, though. And, the vineyard... wow! I have to admit, I wasn't disappointed. It reminded me of the movie "A Walk in the Clouds" starring Keanu Reeves. Minus the misty lighting and villas, of course! I especially enjoyed trying the Vintage Port. Mmmm!

Spending that amount of time in those places is priceless. Especially since it was spent with my family.