Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Getting a Tan

It's still the middle of spring in the land down under but there are days that offer great opportunities for numerous activities under the sun. You simply couldn't just stay indoors and not grab this chance to get that tan in time for summer!

Yea, it is one of the best things I love to do. I know my skin is already dark, so some might say, "Do you really need a tan?" Well, I love the color of my skin right after a good tanning session on the beach, it has a rosy tinge, which is so lovely.

Well, where do people usually go to get a tan? If you're near a pool, or if you own a pool, I'm sure that you'd be lounging on the chaise soaking up the rays after splashing some of that tanning lotion. For some, it's gardening. Taking time to do some weeding, cultivating the soil, or planting a new flower, under the sun, will certainly leave you with a darker skin. Of course, playing an outdoor sport will definitely give you that chance to get some tan. Just make sure not to forget to put some sunscreen, too.

As for me, my favorite place to get a tan is on the beach! Memories of those times spent on the beaches of the Philippines, makes me long to be there right now. I love the smell of the salty wind and the feel of the soft powder-y sand between my toes. Taking a little dip in the warm waters, then I'd lay on the sarong I brought with me, put on some tanning oil then just close my eyes behind a pair of sunnies and listen to the crashing of waves on the beach.

What a way to relax!

photo details:
model. sasha
photographer. raissa
location. Snake Island, Palawan, Philippines
(c)June 2005

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