Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Loving the Outdoors

You fancy a walk around the park? Perhaps, feeding the ducks by the lake. The feel of the fresh air and the sun bronzing your skin lures you out of the house.

I took a walk around Mawson Lakes yesterday and everything still seems so unreal. I like the outdoors... especially when the kind of scenery that faces me is the kind that I don't normally see everyday when I was still in Manila, Philippines. I know that everything seems so new and different but that's the beauty of my experience here in Australia. I realise that I am a foreigner still. And
I'm on the path of discovering places different from where I grew up.

Over Labour Day Weekend, I had the pleasure of spending some time visiting the south of Adelaide, Port Noarlunga for some beach time and McLaren Valefor some wine tasting with my sister, Shai, brother-in-law, Jeremy and my nephew, Cameron. It was fun! I love the beach but I have yet to gather some courage to take a dip in the cold waters of Australia. I enjoyed watching the waves crash on the beach, though. And, the vineyard... wow! I have to admit, I wasn't disappointed. It reminded me of the movie "A Walk in the Clouds" starring Keanu Reeves. Minus the misty lighting and villas, of course! I especially enjoyed trying the Vintage Port. Mmmm!

Spending that amount of time in those places is priceless. Especially since it was spent with my family.


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