Friday, 28 October 2005

Coffee Dates

No, I'm not endorsing any coffee brand. It just so happens that this is one photo I took that relates to the topic at hand. [Is it just me or did I just do a rhyme?]

Well, this is one thing that most people do when nothing's left to do. That is to have coffee somewhere. Either with friends, family or a current partner [whatever that means!]. What is it about coffee that draws people to drink it? And I mean, real coffee drinkers alright?

I like Starbuck's enough but I'm in search of a less commercialised coffee because theirs has become too sweet for my taste buds. I especially liked one cafe I chanced upon along The Parade, Norwood, South Australia. It's called Monjava Cafe, Bar and Resto. I decided to have a Cafe Latte while I wait for the movie to start over at HOYTS Cinema.

It's not really that people go to cafes because of lack of a better idea, I genuinely believe that there are people who do patronise this drink like the English do with their tea. I read something interesting on this site about Coffee History. But who bloody cares, right? Well, I do and I just wanted to share that piece of information.

I don't mind drinking coffee somewhere on my own or with someone. The important thing is that I feel good about what I'm doing. What about you?

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