Wednesday, 2 November 2005

Food, Food, Food!

Who in the world doesn't love eating good food? I sure do! I love everything from appetizers to desserts! I love the experience of trying new and exotic food but I draw the line on insects and the sort! [Ugh, that made me cringe.]

I just recently acquired a liking to Indian Curry. I have tasted it before but may have forgotten the experience since it was when I visited Singapore way back 1999. I remember that it was when we had dinner at Lau Pa Sat on the night we got there. That's one of the things I miss about that country, the food! It certainly offers great food! However, we do serve curry back in Manila but I noticed now how the Indian Curry is cooked differently. It's spicier and the sauce is thicker, definitely thicker. Too bad I wasn't able to try a couple of Indian restos I've been meaning to visit before I went here. Anyway, I know I'd get the chance to try them out.

Another thing, I stumbled upon a definite must-try recipe for me, Greek Marinated Kebobs! I found this in my online buddy, Wendee's site over at Multiply. I'm still on the look out for more great recipes, hopefully, I'd get around to learning how to cook! I do know my way around the kitchen but I'm no gourmet cook! So, I hang around the kitchen watching my sister cook instead or rely on restos!

If you want to read more about food and cooking, visit Dash Food, especially if you're interested in the food I've already tasted and would definitely recommend!


  1. i don't like eating at Lau Pa Sat... or maybe because of a bad experience... i was craving for a buko juice and found a vendor selling one... GRABEH!!!! can't distinguish if it tastes like suka (vinegar) or tuba! and good luck when you try eating curry base food in Singapore... i don't know if i was just paranoid... but i think after eating, i smelled like curry =) But it was definitely delisyoso!

  2. Hi, Mel! I didn't know you could buy buko juice in Singapore! I guess I'm clueless.. *laughs* about smelling like curry after eating it, that can definitely happen, no matter where you eat it from. Yea, it is delicious, huh? *grins*

  3. it seems that the food on the pic is vegetarian.....well.....I'm a pesco vegetarian...

  4. Eric: er, I think it has meat so I reckon it's not vegetarian. What's a pesco vegetarian? :-)