Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Soccer + Football

I'm not exactly knowledgeable when it comes to this sport but I've become a follower of the game for the past few years now. I've picked up some bits about rules, terminologies and the whole culture of the sport. I must say it certainly grows on you.

Yea, I was fortunate enough to be able to watch a Soccer Match [it was my first ever!] at the Hindmarsh Stadium where Adelaide United played against Perth Glory. There were two things that dampened my experience, though. One, the fact that Adelaide lost to Perth 4-2. And two, it rained for the greater part of the 2nd half! My friend and I had to duck for cover but I did get to watch the remaining 10 minutes of the game. Teeheehee.

Queueing up to buy the ticket helped build up the excitement. Walking up the steps of the stadium, not really knowing what to expect, then as the pitch comes into view, with the match well underway, the colors were wonderful! I can still picture the alternating two shades of greens on the pitch, then purples and reds on football jerseys. Plus the sight of the entire stadium as a whole, it was amazing!

The crowd was pretty tame compared to the usual soccer crowd in the UK, according to my friend. He said that back in the UK, people in the stands normally drink beer, make cat-calls to referrees, and sing songs even! Wow. That would have been a sight to watch. Sure, the people around me were also drinking beer and eating hotdogs, blowing their horns and waving their banners, telling the player what he should do [as if he'd hear them really. Teeheehee!], and the general cheering and booing, whichever's applicable, however, being part of that crowd in the stands watching the match was a totally new experience for me so I'm not really asking for anything more [except another chance to do it all over again!].

Overall experience was exhilarating! It's a definitely one of my top suggestions on where you can spend a weekend afternoon!

Photography by: Sasha Manuel

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