Wednesday, 30 November 2005

There's always the local pageant

Yessirree! One of the things you can easily do is either to be part of the pageant or be part of the crowd. In this case, I'm one of the hundreds of people who flocked to King William Street, one of the busiest parts of the city where the Annual Credit Union Christmas Pageant is scheduled to pass through.

It was a particularly interesting day. It's great for the kids to see. I love how my nephew, Cam, reacted to everything. Uh, well... almost everything, anyway. He slept during the latter part of the parade. He got up earlier than usual, you see. Poor boy.

Two of my favourite floats are seen in the photo: one is a rendition of a typical aussie man and the other is a really cute creature than seems like it's one of the casts of the cartoon MonstersInc.

It was a great way to spend a day. I felt like a kid again.

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  1. King William St? sounds familiar :)
    Did i forget to mention to you before in melbourne i was on a float and the star attraction lol..during melbournes easterly Moomba parade in the heart of the city. That was a long time ago hehe. Might have to check out Moomba Parade and festival next year in March.If your not busy come along too.