Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Photos & Photography

It's quite refreshing whenever I see a really good photograph. I admire those people who have the skill and eye for such things. One of the people I was fortunate enough to come across is Chinkin. He's a med student but is a really talented photographer, which is pretty evident in his photoblog.

There are a few other photographers like rosscapili, alistair and flea, to name a few whom I've encountered, both amateurs and professionals. It gave me an insight of how it feels like to be behind the camera instead of the other way around. I'm a part-time model, you see, that bit exposed me to glamour photography and was proven useful when it was my turn to take photos of people.

Now, I've learned to experiment and really practice my photography skills whenever I can. One of the most recent photoshoot I did was of my sister. I'm really proud of the outcome. She was happy about it, too. And I've started to keep a collection of my favorite photos over at Flickr.

Photography is one of my newest hobbies. It's an outlet for my creative side, a chance to be an artist. It helps me express how I appreciate beauty in people and things. I'm still pretty new at it and have yet to learn and practice more. I look forward to more opportunities and better photography in the future.

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