Saturday, 17 December 2005

Exploring Your Hometown

It's a great wonder what you can discover when you do decide to look deeper into what your hometown can offer. It's quite a treat on how it can tug the inner patriot in you. In my case, it's Manila, Philippines.

The image of a kalesa or a horse-drawn carriage, is one of the classic sights in Manila. It lives and breathes the history of Manila, and it somehow tells the story of how things were back in the old days.

Also, Manila isn't what she is without the heavy traffic and the sight of the common mode of transport, which is the Philippine Jeepney. All I know about the origins of this mechanical beast is that it was taken from an old military jeep used during World War II.

Now, Manila is also filled with lights and towering skyscrapers, which signifies that she welcomed the onslaught of western commercialism and capitalism. Yea, she's keeping abreast with the current globalization.

It's sad how some of Old Manila's charms are being over-shadowed by the increasing modernization of the country. Though, I am glad about the fact that her own children yearn for her even if they are scattered and found in different parts of the world and locals have opened their minds and hearts to her beauty and are starting to get to know her more. Now I can really say that no matter what, she still holds a part of their hearts and will forever be treasured despite of.

*Thanks to Mr. Poe for the featured images. Editing by sasha.


  1. Manila used to be great but now... I'm not so sure. I remember hearing on the radio Mike Enriquez talking to our athletes who recently got gold medals in the SEA games.
    Mike E: Proud ba kayo maging pinoy?
    Athlete: Oo naman. Ginagawa namin to para sa Pilipinas.
    Mike E: Ganun ba. Ano naman nagawa ng Pilipinas o mga pulitiko para sa inyo?
    Athlete: silence then giggles.

    ...something like that. Hehe

  2. i love seeing anything deemed as vintage manila. being filipino although i dont have that local accent ( yes ill stick to my inglis hehe )my thirst to discover manila and philippines grows stronger as each day passes. good post Sasha.more more more

  3. mr.poe: I know how our country can disappoint us sometimes but that shouldn't stop us from still believing in her, she is beautiful. =)
    dj jerome: Thanks, Jay! Just get your act together then get your aussie arse in a plane and go explore your homeland! Hahaha!

  4. My cousin is hyping me up to go back in May. I'll only believe it when i get my boarding pass haha.
    Fiesta time in bicol. Fingers crossed!

  5. dj jerome: good on you, mate! depending on how well things go, i'll be back in manila again in may or still! get it? hahaha.